Wasteland A online battle game. Do you have what it takes?
Post Apocalypse The World as we knew it no longer exist
Survival Can you survive in the Wastelands
Hope or Death Does humankind find hope and a new life or just fade away
wasteland on portal

Wasteland Game on Portal Site

One of the most popular ways to play Wasteland is through the Ground and Pound Portal Site. The benefits for using Portal Site is that 1. Wasteland Gold cost less. 2. There is little to no lag. 3. Don't have to worry about losing a account due to some Social Website rules. Click the link for G&P Portal Sign Up.

wasteland on facebook

Wasteland Game on FaceBook

Wasteland on Face Book is also very popular with players. The benefits for using Face Book is that 1. Gifting Items. You can receive and send free unique items only on FaceBook. 2. Easy to invite your friends to join you in the game to make your Tribe larger. Click the link for Wasteland on FaceBook.



Starting soon Wasteland will be holding weekly Thunderdome Competitions based on players levels. The one that survives in their category level will win Wasteland Gold, rank promotion, increase in their attack and defense, special items and more. So make sure to check weekly and see when the Thunderdomes are held.

Top Players

Weekly Top Players

We have just kicked off the Weekly Top Players Competition. The Top Players in Wins, Bounties, Kills, Missions and  Thunderdome Kills will win 100 Wasteland Gold for each category. A player can only win the gold once in a 30 day period so everyone has a chance to win the gold. See if you have what it takes!

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    Play Wasteland

  • Special Events

    Special Events

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